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Train Your Mind How To Break Bad Habits

How to break bad habits and having the knowledge to deal with that process is worth big time for everybody.

Lets put it this way: Habits run our Life.
Pretty much everything we do is connected to a habit we’ve developed at some point.
Habits are connected to our brain, and you don’t have to actively think about them-which makes them very hard to change.

Most actions we make are routines driven by our unconscious mind, which repeatedly done are creating Habit.

What’s The Trick On How to Break Bad Habits?

The trick is becoming aware of them and then taking the time to throw them out of our brains and our lives.

The main goal is to question and identify every habit you notice in your daily function.

Is this habit good for me in the long-term?

Is my behavior improving with this habit?

What good (bad) can come out of this habit?
Am I feeling good when(or after) I do this?

Write down all results and analyze what are the habits that bother you most, that you need to change and focus on them.

Specifically, you’ll learn how to break bad habits in four distinct phases:
1. Focus on One Habit at a Time
2. Make a Plan

3. Cut Out Triggers

4. Replace & Develop Positive habits.

I encourage you to write and take notes when you start implementing these steps because you will so give your brain the enthusiasm and courage to create the change you want to make.
[I’m Telling You this from my experience]

1. Focus on One Habit at a Time

In psychology is confirmed that we have limited capacity to regulate thoughts, feelings, and actions on a daily basis. In other words, our willpower is like a muscle that weakens throughout the day because of constant use.

It’s almost impossible to develop multiple habits at the same time.
That’s why you must focus on how to break bad habits and start eliminating one habit at a time.
Write down what you want to accomplish, for example:
-Quit smoking cigarettes
-Change your currently weigh
-Time spent on Facebook or surfing the Internet
-Time spent watching television (And much more unproductive habits)

Take time to think deeply about how much precious time, money or unproductivity and unhappiness this habit costs you?

Buying tons of “quit smoking tools”, well-advertised things won’t get you to really quit smoking, until you Focus & Decide in your mind that the change is inevitable.

This deeply thinking will automatically start activating your Mind to really dislike or even hate this habit every time you even think about it.

Just think about this, because it is really all about our Minds, and how we focus on a specific thing and react to that.

2. Plan On How to Break Bad Habits

As Benjamin Franklin’s old saying goes”When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
“The most effective plans are those that specify when, where and how you want to act on your habits and goals.

Also, plan it on your calendar because this is so important.

For example, I want to smoke a cigarette in stressful situations.
(Bad Unhealthy Habit) But I know it’s good for me to just breath in & out in these situations and experts have said that it’s healthy also.

So I am gonna pin or write on my calendar my start date, then focus and force myself for the next 5 days when stressful moments arrive, to breathe deeply and focus on the good gains I will get by not smoking.

It so Important when we give a tangible goal, and clear date when something is started and expected to be finished to our mind.

Set your Goals starting & ending date and you’ll see extraordinary relief.

3. Cut Out Triggers

Understanding how we make decisions is the key to conquering and
break bad habits.

People aren’t the only triggers for a bad habit.
Sometimes a location can cause an impulse to follow a specific routine.

This might mean distancing from your friends for a while, but this strategy can help you minimize the impulses you’ll feel to repeat
the habit you are trying to destroy.

You should regularly congratulate yourself by rewarding yourself with some gift.
Start small with small victories and plan a big one when you are finally and for sure over the habit. Think of these rewards every time some triggers come to your mind.

Where the mind goes the person follows, so be sure that your thoughts are on what you want rather than what you don’t want.” -Joyce Meyer-

4. Good Habits vs Bad Habits

Simply cut out bad habits without replacing them and you’ll have certain needs that will be unmet and it’s going to be very hard to stick to a routine for very long.

Substitute these Bad Habits, with healthy habits that will make you fulfilled, happy and so on when you do them.

The environment makes your bad habits easier and good habits harder.
Change your environment and you can change the outcome.

Surround yourself with people who live the way you want to live.
To develop positive habits it takes time and effort, but mostly it takes perseverance.

In the end some examples of healthy & positive habits I introduced into my life so far:
-Exercise 20 min in the morning
-Drink 500ml water (Tea) as soon as I woke up
Reading Books for 1 hour every day

-Help or give something they need to 3 people
-Get basic knowledge about our Mind Function
-Try every day the 80-20 rule, 80% Healthy Food Vs 20 % Junk Food.

I hope you Like and Learn something new from this post
on how to Break Bad Habits.

Write below what Habits you wanna Destroy?

What Habits are you proud of?

Useful Audio Resources:
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– Brain Power, Law of Attraction Free Download


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