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How To Wake Up Early? (Why Be an Early Riser)

Do you want to know how to wake up early and create 
extra energy from the jump?

I want to share with you & show you a "game" you can start playing right from the start when you open your eyes in the morning!


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Just to be clear from the start I won't be writing that you
should have 3 alarms, shouldn't put your phone on snooze & 
that it's normal to feel sleepy in the morning and so on.

There are tons of content online on that subject... 
with respect to the writers.

Additionally some tips below how to wake up early consistently. 

Consider your first hour of the day if you want to learn how 
to wake up early crucial!
Because what you do in that 1st hour and how you channel 
your energy determines the way you’ll function the rest of the day!

Morning Fatigue!

I’m blown away by how we're hitting ourselves with some stupid habits and routines right from the start in the morning 
when we wake up. (me included, until 29 September)

how to wake up early

Some of us wake up to make coffee and smoke 3 cigarettes 
from the start!
Do you wonder why after 2 hours you still feeling sleepy?

You put inside your body more than 240 toxins that are sucking 
your energy and torture you slowly from the start!

Instead, drink 300 ml water with lemon to alkalize your body
and see the results for yourself after 10 days.

Many people begin their days with tasks like grab their mobile,
and open social media platforms, checking emails, etc.
What does that mean?

You are focusing on others and craving to see how they live, 
what they’re doing and forgetting about the 
most important thing in the morning ... and that’s you!

how to wake up early

How to Wake Up Early by Mastering
The First Hour of Your Day!

Why you should master the first hour?
The first hour is the anchor of your day, meaning that how you start your day will strive to set the pace for how you'll feel the rest of it.

If you acquire disciplined routine for your 1st waking hour, 
you'll enjoy a highly productive day.

The Perfect 1 Hour Morning Scenario!

Now we’ll dive how your ideal first hour in the morning 

should look like.

Remember that you can’t always apply this scenario,
so don’t beat yourself up and try to be a perfectionist
if you only do 60-70 % of it.

We all know that schedules, late-night weekdays, getting drunk or
having kids can have some effect on us.

Just make sure you don’t go below 60% and you should do fine.

So let’s suppose it’s 06:00 am you wake up the first thing
you do is fill your lungs with
5 deep 
diaphragm breaths.
(In short diaphragm breathing is when you inhale through 

your stomach, then with your lungs)

Morning Affirmations

Next, you go with 2 sentences of gratitude (be thankful for
your well being, thank you for my health, feel the joy 
because you’re alive) and follow up with 2 sentences 
with whatever you expect to happen in the future 
(your long-term goals, wishes).

You don’t have to use the same sentences every day, mix it up, 

tap into your creative mechanism and feel what is that 
you’re really grateful for!

Why do this?
The reason you do these 4 sentences and their relation on 
how to wake up early is because you’re shifting from 
your unconscious mind to your conscious functioning the first 4-5 minutes after you wake up & because 
the brain is most receptive to suggestions at that time!

This can be a powerful practice and it takes 3-4 minutes.
(don't think about the mountains you should climb today or 
stress about the things you got on your plate right from the start)

After this, you go to your bathroom and wash your hands & 
face with the coldest water possible!
The reason you’re doing this is to activate your nervous system 
and avoid feeling lazy or sleepy.

More on why using cold water later below…

You drink that first cup of water with lemon...
So now, you
activated your mind, your nervous system, 

and next you’ll do is to activate your body!

Early morning run

Morning Exercise Benefits
(Early morning run)

Here you can mix depending on what your interests are.
Some like to run, some lift weight, other want light body exercises...
and it doesn't matter as long as you move that body right away.

The best thing in my opinion & what I do every morning is 
to start with my toes & legs, stretch them well, continue with 
some abs crunches and push-ups, combined with pull-ups and 
go up to my head stretching every part of my body.

You can have a rubber ball for stretching and pull-up bar 
in your home for 25-30 dollars, so you can kill your excuses when you don't feel like going in the gym right from the start in the mornings.

This process should be 15-20 minutes.
Remember the goal is no shorter than 15 minutes!

After you complete this process, feeling proud of yourself
you’re ready for the quick shower.

The Cold is Your Friend!

Shower however is your standard practice, but make 
a little change and in the last minute before exiting & 
go for 40 seconds of a cold shower. (count while doing it)

how to wake up early

This time is best for beginning usage, and every time you
go for a new shower increase for 2 seconds your cold shower time.

If you can hold for more.. great do 1-2 minutes more. 

Believe me, in time this will become such a fun habit, that
you can’t wait to turn on that cold water and feel alive!

If you’re interested you can learn more from Wim Hof,
He practiced and defined some of the health benefits
the cold brings to your body.

So now we're over 30-35 minutes since you woke up!

Fuel Your Body With Protein & Carbs

Next, you eat your breakfast, and I don’t wanna go deep

on nutrition, you know that the first meal of the day
is the most important!
(at least you’ve heard it on TV many times admit it)

You want to make sure that you combine proteins with carbs

at the same time for an explosion of energy.

My favorite meal is rye bread, butter, avocado, 
3 eggs, and banana as a dessert after.

In this simple meal, you get all the nutritional richness 
you’ll need before your next meal, which if you have to 
go to work surely will be after 4-5 hours from now.

So now, you’ve got your Brain functioning at a peak state
your body is alert, active and energized ready to go!

You still got 5-10 from that first hour, so you use that time to...

Extract The Power Of Reading

Why you must find time to read now?

Reading simply directs you and makes your mind present
and you’re feeling calm when you read.

So reading 10 minutes before going out & 
conquering the external world is not a bad idea.

Reading for some people in this modern time is difficult, 
because we’re overloaded with tons of information daily.

read book

So maybe you like to say... well, I'll read later or I don't have
the time right now..No find the 5 minutes now to read
20 sentences of something that you're interested in and
you're out your way.

Many prefer listening to audio books... you can do that as well, do what best suits you.

You’re a force now feeling unstoppable with
your body & mind connected and if you go back, 
you accomplished all this above in ONE HOUR!

Get Things Done Now!

It’s important to first complete the most important task
you’ve got in the morning, that way you’ll gain a feeling
of well-being and energy that will last later in the day
when some of your motivation and energy starts to decline.

If you have some challenging goal on your plate, 
get it done first thing in the morning. 

Try to arrange your tasks from hardest to easiest. 

Because as one wise man said...
Eat the ugliest frog early in the morning, so no matter
what happens later in the day you’ll be mentally prepared
for whatever comes your way!

You can start your day, go to your job, take the kids 
to school, work home and do your everyday obligations.

Jeff Goins Said:
Get excited about your day, and you’ll jump out of bed.
Don’t drive yourself with guilt about why you have to wake early.
Make waking early something you get to do.

Of course, the joy of creating can drive you.
But don’t be afraid to motivate yourself by doing something
fun in the morning.
Better yet, think of the benefits that others will receive from your work.

Source: https://goinswriter.com/wake-up-early/

Compare new(A) vs (B)previous morning habits

I just want to take you back to your usual habits, just imagine
the difference between these morning routines and what will happen
if you wake up, grab your phone immediately (turn your PC) &
spend the next hour laying in bed and checking
what the world is up to.

Although this may be different for everybody... because
we all have different habits, routines, beliefs and do not
get hold exactly on the schedule.

Do what’s best for you and start playing the game however
you want in the morning!

Try to mix them, see what suits you and do that!
Nothing gets you out of bed like an important task or
something you love to do.

How to Wake Up Early By Preparing
Before Mornings

The evening before is when you should start preparing
your morning routine.

Setting yourself up for a great start to the day is something
you can actually begin planning the previous evening.

A good night’s sleep is key.
The growth hormone our bodies receive is higher at
10:00 pm till 04:30 am, so make sure you take advantage of this
and sleep in this time frame to feel fresh and energized
in the mornings.

So how to be sure you get enough rest to start fresh and early?Simple… by disconnecting.

That means turning off all of your internet devices to 
the world as early as you can each evening.

-Eliminate blue light
-don’t eat late dinner
-Skip caffeine after 4 p.m.

Take the best-selling author and entrepreneur Nir Eyal. 
He installed a special router that automatically cuts off 
his connection to the internet at around ten each evening.

That means he’s usually tucked up in bed no later than eleven.
The effects on this are feeling happier, more relaxed and
ready to conquer the world.

how to wake up early

Coffee and other stimulants like tea and chocolate can mess 
with this internal clock when you have them later in the day.
Opting for decaf at least 5 hours before bedtime will make following the same schedule easier instead of tossing and turning at night. 

Stick to about 300-400 mg caffeine daily if you're having trouble sleeping, says Jaclyn London,
Nutrition Director at the Good Housekeeping Institute.

Source: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/health/g26326568/how-to-wake-up-early/

The Morning Voice in Your Head

It amused me when i read this from personal excellence blog:

"Get out of the bed once you hear the alarm. 
You all know how it feels in the morning when you wake up...
the voice in your head is coaxing you to go to sleep 
despite your best intention to want to wake up. 

Instead of giving it the chance to speak, haul yourself out 
of your bed the second the alarm rings. 
While you may feel like a zombie for the first 10 minutes, 
the sleepiness wears off after that.
Before you know it, you will be awake and ready to start the day."

Source: https://personalexcellence.co/blog/wake-up-early/

How to Wake Up Early & 
Increase Your Productivity

I've read interesting research on DevelopGoodHabits.com

"In noteworthy research completed in 2008, Christoph Randler, 
a biologist from Harvard University, discovered that people who
learn how to wake up early exhibit more pro-activity than those who sleep in. 

The early risers also tend to avoid procrastination.
People who get up early are especially productive 
for a variety of reasons.
First, they have more time during the day to focus on the tasks 
that help them make progress toward their goals. 

The early morning is a great time to get work done because you
have fewer interruptions than you do in the middle of the day 
when everyone is active.

People usually make better decisions and are able to
think with more clarity in the morning than later in the day.
Also, if you can get up early, you will notice that you have 
more energy during the day, which will help you 
stay productive and get more work done."

Source: https://www.developgoodhabits.com/wake-up-early/ 

The key on how to wake up early successfully & crafting 
your morning is experimenting with what suits you best!

Try out the ideas and adjust them as you please.

If you feel good and energized after two weeks stick to it, 
and share these ideas with your close friends and family.

Since I’ve cultivated carefully my first hour of the day, 
my life changed drastically so I warmly recommend 
to you to try some of the ideas above and see the results &
changes in your mood and energy after some short time.

Wake Up Early Quotes

“Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day
hunting for it.”
-Richard Whately

“The sun has not caught me
in bed in fifty years.”
-Thomas Jefferson

One key to success is to have lunch at the time of the day most people have breakfast.” 
-Robert Brault

“It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom.”

Your turn now... What do you think... Can you implement & learn
how to wake up early or is that a character trait?

Hit me up with a message how's the process going in the meantime!

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