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How To Motivate Yourself From Zero To Hero

How to motivate yourself truthfully?
Why do most of the time motivation seems to drop down or fade away? Let’s explore and find out below…

What Motivation Means?

Motivation means to be in a state or condition of having a constantly strong reason to act or accomplish something.

But also, you can spend an entire day reading articles on how to motivate yourself and never succeed in doing anything, simply because you didn’t take even a small portion of the action in the process.

If you can stick with a goal for long enough, you’ll almost always get there eventually.
It takes patience, ambition, willingness and purpose on a daily bases.
Often, after the initial enthusiasm and motivation, there is a drop-down
of desire and interest.

What can you do how to motivate yourself & stay motivated?

Ask yourself, how many times have you felt elated, energetic, and motivated to achieve a certain desire or ambition, after watching a movie,  video on Youtube or reading a book?

But after a few days, all that motivation, ambitions and energy is at level 1 or almost gone.

(Let’s be realistic surely it has happened in your life at least one time)
Have you considered asking yourself why is this happening?
Why am I not ambitious or motivated as I was 1 week ago?

Well, let me tell you… it’s all about having a strong purpose behind your goal!
If you set a goal, reminding yourself why you’re doing it &
what’s the purpose in the first place will get you through when
laziness and obstacles hit you to keep going!

How To Motivate Yourself Every Day?

If you can see it and believe it you can achieve it.

If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.

Denzel Washington said it right! “Have goals, life goals, yearly goals, monthly goals, daily goals and understand that to achieve these goals, you must apply discipline and consistency every day,
not just on Tuesday and miss a few days.

Working really hard is what successful people do.
Every day you have to work on it, plan on it.

Decide what you want to come true in your life and you can do that.

Tom Bilyeu said: Prepare to break yourself and push yourself harder than anyone has ever asked you to push yourself before.

You’re gonna force yourself into an adaptation response and
react every day.

Because if you don’t, the future is gonna belong to those who
outworked you.

Martin Luther King Jr said: “If you can’t fly then run.
If you can’t run then walk If you can’t walk then crawl.
But Whatever You Do, You Have To Keep Moving Forward.

Do one thing. Then do another thing, After that, do another thing.
Keep doing one thing after another thing until you get where
you want to be. Simple right?

Some of you now will probably say: This is a piece of shit because I do tons of things daily and I still don’t have motivation or energy or
any benefit from it.

Yes, you do tons of things on a regular basis, but if you don’t set and write Goals towards you’re going, you gonna constantly run
in a wheel & be stuck.

How To Motivate Yourself To Workout

For this reason, you should start every day with a great morning routine, which will help your mind and body to be alert, focused and prepared to create new habits.

I always start my day with a glass of water with lemon, then immediately start working out in my home.

I have a rubber ball and primary do my stretching from toes to head on the ball… then I grab my push-ups bars, and do 6 x 30, and finish with pull-ups.

It’s around 20-25 minutes per day, but I do that every day (Sundays included) and it’s already an automatic process for my brain & body.

Then I have my lunch and I kick start the day with a full dose of energy!

Next, I grab my personal journal and plan my day, (what are the 3 most important things that must be done today).

Now I’ve read a thousand times… Successful people write down
their ideas all the time.
Why is that?

Because they understand that ideas don’t stay long in their heads and you will never know whether that one idea in your notebook could be the next revolutionary big thing.

If you don’t make a schedule on how and when to approach and solve your problems and everyday situations, you gonna be stuck.

Unless the desire and ambition are very strong, the motivation that arises is often short-lived.

Because it’s not about the journey, it’s about the destination.
Reflect on the last 2 sentences because it’s a life-changer.

Here is a well-documented Fact:

In the brain, neurotransmitters spark chemical messages to keep us alert and on task. Neurotransmitters carry chemical messages that play out in your brain and affect the rest of your body.

One neurotransmitter that plays a role in the science of
motivation is dopamine.
For motivation specifically, it matters which pathway dopamine takes.

The mesolimbic pathway, which comes from the middle of the brain and branches to places like the cerebral cortex, is the most important reward pathway in the brain.

One of the mesolimbic’s stops is the nucleus accumbens.

When there’s an increased amount of dopamine in the nucleus accumbens, it triggers feedback for predicting rewards.

Essentially, your brain recognizes that something important is about to happen, so dopamine kicks in.
Low levels of dopamine make people less likely to work for things in general.

So the point is when we get something done, or finish some job, project, solve a problem, homework, reach a goal, etc.

It Feels Good. [We automatically reward ourselves emotionally]
Our Brain feels good, we feel good and have more confidence,
so it’s a Win-Win situation.

Imagine if we could create more and strive for more of these beautiful experiences in our Life.

    How To Motivate Yourself Exactly?

  • Make a list of inspiring quotes and read them daily 10-20mins.
  • Read success stories of people, who achieved success in areas you want to achieve success.
  • Make an inspirational playlist of videos and music.
  • Train your mind to solve problems, face your fears and see the positive side.
  • Look your excuses in the eye. [ Name your Fears! ]
  • See on a daily basis what are the things that you don’t wanna do or you are scared of doing
  • Find a pattern and investigate what leads to this feeling you have and when was the first time you feel fearful of this thing, or job or anything that you wanna finish or accomplish.
  • Join an online (or off-line) group to help keep you focused.
  • Excuses are man’s best friend and greatest enemy, If you see you’re using an excuse, just correct yourself.
  • Next time it comes up, you’ll probably do it again—but after adaptation response, you’ll stop.

One of the best ways to improve your personal effectiveness is to master your motivation constantly and find your drive.

By mastering Motivation you can deal with life setbacks, problems, difficulties that at first-hand are looking impossible to solve.

Action often comes before motivation.

You simply start doing an activity and then your motivation Kicks In.

Nike was right with “Just do it.” For example, I don’t always look forward to my workout, but once I start, I find my flow.

Find a way to link things to good feelings.

For example, play your favorite song when you’re doing
something you don’t like to do.

Fix a time for eating, sleeping and working out.
Sometimes your body or emotions are working against you because you’re not giving them a break or fueling them the right way.

Success isn’t a destination or finish line, it’s a constant journey to be the best version of yourself in every area of your life.

Reaching success in your life and business should be your number one source of motivation and what fuels you to start and keep going no matter what.
Nothing is more motivating than consistent progress
toward a desirable destination.

Once you find your main source of motivation, it’s important to
keep consistent in your life.

You should set aside time every day to get re-inspired.

You can call this “learning time” or whatever you want, but this is a dedicated time to go to your sources of motivation and let that ether fill your mind and body.

Staying motivated every day will allow you to perform at a higher level and accomplish your major business goals.

Now, over to you – What tricks and tips have you discovered (or Using) on how to motivate yourself daily?
I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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