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Developing The Mind & Unlocking Your Potential

How can one start developing the mind nowadays?

In a time when our minds are constantly bombarded by various stimulations at once: wishes, desires, noises, thoughts, needs, pressures, conflicts, stresses, etc.

Most of us are forced to do “Multitasking” even though it’s impossible to do that since the scientists already told us:
you can only focus on one thing at a time.

The Real Question is what can one do in a world, we’re living in today?

Below I will share my research & views, plus some scientific facts all of us can implement in our lives.

Stop Talking All The Time

It’s a skill to be mastered by developing the mind to be silent for just a little while at the beginning.
Our thoughts will process better and we’ll begin to appreciate ourselves more.
Also when you are in a company

with others try to use the 70-30 Rule as I Called it.

Listen 70% & Talk 30% of the time.

Try to connect better with others by emphasizing similarity. Demonstrating that you have something in common with someone else makes them more likely to help you.

Salesmen deliberately fake little similarities in order to influence
you and connect with you. (And it works)

Developing the mind

Lower Brain Vibrations (Alpha-State)

People ordinarily are at this level only when they are falling asleep, and they have not practiced using that level.

This is simply the relaxed level.
Scientists call this “right-brain activity“.

When you are actively awake, you are typically in a state of mind known as Beta, with brain wave activity between 14 and 20 Hz.
In Alpha State, your brain waves are 9-12 Hz.

How To Achieve This?

Close your eyes and for 3-4 Minutes look 20 Degrees Upward.
That’s all, you can do this 3-5 times a day or as many times
you feel or want to.

This kind of developing the mind was first invented by Jose Silva.

Change My State of Mind

We are the only animal in the kingdom that has both the conscious and the subconscious mind, that can decide anytime in life where we want to go or what we want or what we don’t want, We are creators.

Everything that you have in your life is exactly what you designed, the dress you’re wearing, the tie you’re wearing, the home you’re living in,
the neighbors you’ve got, etc.

It’s all how you’re developing the mind.
Once we understand what shapes our thoughts, feelings, and behavior, all it takes is consistent, intelligent, massive action.

developing the mind

Too many people, though, forget their dreams when they face life’s challenges.
They forget that they have the power to shape their future, then lose
their confidence and hope.

Before you can feel irritated by any event you must first become
of what is occurring and come to your interpretation of it.

Write Your Future Life Story

Developing the mind starts from the age you are just now and begin writing your future life story as you’d like it to be.

Be as outrageous as you want and write about your ideal life and how you interact with it.

Reinforce your thoughts about your good points.
This has the benefit of reinforcing and strengthening your self-image.

Where Should We Focus?

  • You could focus on something that’s made you happy.
  • something that’s made you feel good about yourself or your family or friends.
  • You could focus on something that you’re grateful for today.
  • focus so intensely on the future you are dreaming of that you
    get excited about it in advance!
    That will give you the energy to start making things happen.
    Whatever you think about most you’ll experience.

The best way to control your focus is through the
power of questions.
1. What am I happy about in my life today?
2. What am I excited about in my life right now?
3. What have I given today?
4. What did I learn today?


Realize that the way we feel emotionally affects
the way we feel physically.
But few of us realize how powerfully the reverse is true:
when we are moved physically, we are moved emotionally.

Emotion is created by motion

In general, our actions are guided by the perception-action cycle.
We have also evolved the ability to pause at the moment and evaluate our perception of a given situation.
That means we can decide upon the best response at the time.

The brain is plastic, which means it’s able to constantly change its own structure, physiology, and chemistry.

Testing & developing the mind with suggestions and changing our brains by stretching ourselves and doing the things
we fear is the game we should play in my opinion.

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Over To You Now!
What other tricks you know to start developing the mind?

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