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5 Quick Truths For Life

Every human being have beliefs & Truths About Life, and everyday problems as well.
Life is not fun without problems and challenges right? 
Here are a few mind-blowing Truths About Life to focus on and improve in the future.

1. Consistent Hustle Always Wins

This is one of the most valuable Truths About Life.
If you keep making a firm commitment to continuously improve yourself,
you will develop so much that the only option left is a success.

That’s why Consistent hustle always wins.
It’s profound and so true.

Every obstacle you face is the way to advance your next action.
What stands in the way becomes the way.

An action is the solution and the cure to our predicaments.

The challenges and problems we face
in our lives represent the roadmap to greatness.

The only thing you need is the will to confront your struggles consistently,
the desire to find the joy in even the darkest times,
and the determination to keep moving forward no matter what.

Think of the gym, when do you see better results,
when you bust your butt for way too long once a month,
or when you consistently get in a good workout three times a week.

The steady, consistent action will always outweigh
the quick and fleeting burst of energy.

People who persist no matter the obstacles,
sooner or later are bound to succeed.

Despite the setbacks, it’s in your best interest
to turn obstacles into stepping stones.
Don’t choose to complain, or worse, to just give up.
These choices do nothing to get you across the finish line.

So stay consistent, it’s in your best interest.

2. The world owes you absolutely nothing.

You are responsible for your life.
How happy or healthy you are, how much you earn,
how much freedom you have,
how much you respect and are respected.

You owe everything to yourself.
Take a look at the outside world, do you really think
Was it all just made for you?

Of course not, we all have little worlds inside
our minds full of internal conversations,
beliefs, judgments, quotes, and philosophies to live by,
but remember either is good or bad it’s all our creation.

To change your outside, the external world,
We all must first change what is going on within us.

Many people are raised with an idea that they are amazing,
one of a kind and world owes them something.

The thing is, the sooner you realize that you are insignificant
and no one owes you anything,
you feel empowered of building your own destiny.

You stop complaining, you stop wishing and hoping,
you become more grateful for things that go right,

you learn from things that go wrong and you toughen up
because you understand that after your success or defeat,
no one owes you anything.

The gift in acknowledging and accepting that
life owes you nothing is that you realize that
every single thing you have is a blessing.

Life owes you nothing, and yet look at all you’ve been given.

3. Your habits define you

Our habits really do define us.
What we do, what we eat, day in day out, not only shape our bodies,
but our confidence, self-esteem, self-identity, and much more.

The first step is awareness.
What habits define you?
Who are you?

The more important question is… who do you want to become?
What are the habits that make that person?

Bad habits go unnoticed

Removing them is often more important than developing good ones.
Bad habits, if unchecked, intervene on the good ones.

We all know that smoking tobacco,
skipping breakfast, eating too much fast food,
spending too much time on the couch watching tv
or on social media, overusing painkillers have really bad
influence on us, yet we still do all of this bad habits frequently
without even thinking about them

Check out your habits and the results they
produce and you’ll see a pattern
that has history repeat itself.

Our habits, which, we likely have many,
will either support our actions or stall them – they are never neutral.
Remember that your character is the sum total of your habits.

You can’t claim to be kind unless you are habitually kind,
you show kindness without even thinking about it.
Good habits take time to develop.

So react right away by eating a healthy breakfast in the morning, try to smile more frequently,
exercise often, manage effectively your time,
try to read and learn something new every day,
develop a habit to motivate and inspire your self for 10 minutes every day.

4. You are never going to please everybody.

It’s literally impossible to keep everyone pleased.
You can’t do it. You can try and fail miserably,
but you will never succeed.

Some people simply can’t be pleased no matter what you do

Pleasing other people, at the very least,
should please you simultaneously.

If you find that pleasing other people are making you miserable,
you clearly shouldn’t be trying to please them.

You should care about pleasing those closest to you,
and really, only them.

Why? Because they matter to you.
In a sense, they’re a part of you.

By pleasing them, you are also pleasing yourself;
it’s a win-win situation.

Don’t put all your dreams on hold
just because you’re trying to please
all the other people around you.

It’s impossible to feel mentally strong
when all your energy goes toward
pleasing everyone around you.

The good news is you don’t need permission from
anyone else to take steps toward
becoming the strongest and best version of yourself.

Here’s an extraordinary course you can check out if you’re on a mission to improve yourself!
It’s Called 6 Minutes Success by Bob Proctor!

5. Shortcuts are a Myth

Let’s be clear here.
We all want quick fixes and “magic sticks” and
don’t want to work for results. [We’re Wired That Way]

If you want to do something worthwhile,
whether it is a relationship,
a business or some life goal in general,
it is so important to see it through the long run and never give up,
no matter what obstacles come up.

Of course, you can look at ways to make it
more efficient and to get you to where you want to be.

First of all, you must realize that “shortcuts” in most
of the cases mean “deviation” and when they don’t,
all too often they mean “disaster.

Obesity is a great example of that.
It’s so much easier to buy ready junk food than
to prepare your meals by yourself or simply
pay attention to what you consume.

It’s a super short cut.
People who take shortcuts in all aspects of
their lives are lazy
They don’t understand the gratification of hard work,
a job well done and the rewards of blood, sweat, and tears.

The wrong shortcuts will lead to
missing out on the best life has to offer.

So starting today be Aware Intellect, and don’t steal your chance
at an amazing destiny by taking a shortcut.

It’s not fair to you.

Try to Implement some of these
Truths About Life in your everyday life,
Share with other Thinkers some of your Truths in Your Life?

 What experiences you have so far?
and if this post is helpful share it with your close friends!

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