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4 Lessons From Jim Rohn On Motivation Achievement

For Life Achievement We must all suffer one of two things:
The pain of Discipline or the pain of Regret, Said, Jim Rohn.
To have more we must first become more.

These quotes are the very essence of the philosophy
of personal development, success, and happiness
addressed by Jim Rohn.

Although he has brought so much value & lessons through his life,
I will mention 4 Lessons that impressed & helped me grow.

1. For Things To Change, You’ve Got To Change

You cannot change the circumstances.
But you can get stronger, wiser, better.

Life is constant, predictable patterns of change,
and the only constant factor will be our feelings
and attitudes toward life.
We have the power of attitude and that attitude determines the choice,
and choice determines results.
All that we are and all that we can become has indeed been left to us
to decide and interpret through our attitude and choices.
Don’t say:“I sure hope things will change.”

2. Think on paper

Jot down your plans goals & dreams.
This can be a document, on your mobile,
or the old-fashioned pen to paper.

There is something special that happens when we write down our goals.

The brain sees them as actionable steps,
not just the dreams we have in our spare time.
Most people who say they want Life achievement,
dream about being great, but have never written it out or truthfully tried.

Nor they have the idea what are
the steps or how they can achieve that.

Ambitiously plan and schedule your life in real time on paper.
This will lead to more targeted productivity
and feeling good about yourself.

3. Read a Lot

“Learning is the beginning of Wealth”- Mr. Rohn has said.

Learning is the beginning of ecstasy, joy, pleasure, lifestyle and all the treasure that’s available out there.

Books offer treasures of information that can change our lives,
fortunes, relationships, health and careers for the better.

People from all walks of life who’ve had some of the most
incredible experiences have taken the time to write of these
experiences so we can be instructed and reshape our philosophies.

Most homes valued at over $250,000 have a library.
Well, That should tell us something, said Mr. Rohn.
Everything you need for your better future
and success has already been written.
And guess what? It’s all available.
All you have to do is go to the library.
But would you believe that only
5 percent of the people in America have a library card.
The best part is that they’re free.
And there’s probably a library in every neighborhood.

Miss a meal if you have to, but don’t miss a book!

4. Self-Awareness

Life achievement without having good Self-Knowledge about yourself,
you’ll just wander & drift throughout life
never really doing or impacting anything.
We can have more than we’ve got because we can become more than we are.

Don’t wish for less challenge, wish for more Wisdom -Jim Rohn.

Within each of us is the power of molding ourselves, mold our environment.
It is up to each of us to start this process with a final product in mind,
to work it & form it every day.

By using your mind, abilities & attitude to work a little each day,
you’ll soon see how magnificent your power is
to gain those small advantages each day.

These 4 Lessons changed the whole course of my Life, in the last 3 years!
Do you have some other valuable lessons by Jim Rohn that you are using in your life?
Write to me on mail or Social Media, I would love to hear your story!

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