The main purpose of this website is to provide you with the best information and knowledge, so you can develop a growth mindset and move forward in your life!
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About the Founder

jan aware intellect

Hi, I'm  Jan!

Today in this fast-paced world with tons of technologies, there's lots of people living on autopilot and acting as robots.
The desire, dedication and willingness to learn & experience in my life have led me to advise and assist people on how to develop a Growth Mindset & Self Awareness.
I do that by consulting individuals and companies, writing articles, creating courses and sharing practical tips & hacks on how one can become Aware Intellect!

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What others are saying about this website?

One of the most under-rated websites that provides free content and knowledge for
all of us who are willing to develop a growth mindset and wanting to learn more about ourselves.
Thank you Jan, I appreciate everything you create mate!

Cole Richards

I found thi​​​​s site on Bing, and I'm amazed by the eye-opening content this guy is producing!
It's kinda cool & fun learning to understand myself now. (I'm 44)

Annie Smith

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